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segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

Thank U Obby...

4 grabbin' ur ass outta here!
Barack Obama in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  1. So funny! Was wondering how the "State" visit went. :O) Mal

  2. There was no much problems with the Barack's visit. Y'know, some guys threw a Molotov cocktail at the U.S. embassy, innocent people were arrested,only the usual... When I preach against US, it's not against the place or the people. It's against the policy that oppresses and the borders that separate us.
    Mal, I think I owe you something, I was embarrassed to talk to you. I'm just a christian punk rocker trying to take the underground scene away from drugs and violence. I've been out of time, producing fanzines, my friends ask me for drawings, logos, and stuff, and it takes all the time I have after I come back from work. In the weekends I help them to organize rock concerts and visiting hostels. I miss DeadSnake, they're living in another city for a time. This is a 15 minutes drawing, I think I'm learning how to draw really quick. But I promisse Mal, I'll send you some really cool materials for ya. It's being a long time since I started writing, but I do not want to send it unfinished, so be patient.
    Thank U Obby 4 grabbin' your ass outta here, and thank U Mal, 4 being my friend!

  3. Cesar,

    I know exactly of what you speak about regarding policy. Our president has made me feel nothing but sadness these passed weeks.

    And you owe me nothing. I know of your heart and feel you are a wonderful person becoming a great man. This is why I follow your blog even though it rages sometimes. It is a good thing to get the venom out of your system through writing and I understand you more than you may think.

    Thank you for being my friend and sending me well wishes. I do cherish your thoughts and words as well. God Bless, Mal